Guest Information

North Hills Country Club is a private club, use of the facilities is exclusive to our members; however, invited guests are welcomed to enjoy what our club has to offer. Prior to arriving at North Hills, it is recommended that all guests are familiar with the information below:

Members are expected to inform their guests of the proper attire for each event.  NO JEANS PERMITTED AFTER 5:00 PM.

Wednesday, Friday and Saturday – Jacket and tie not required in dining area. Collared shirt and slacks required.
Sunday – Casual dining with appropriate golf attire permitted, no jacket or tie required.  Collared shirts required.
Hats are not permitted to be worn inside the dining rooms, the Men’s Grill, or anywhere else in the Clubhouse.
Cocktail Lounge and Bar Area – Dining Room attire applies.
Ladies will be expected to be dressed properly.
NOT permitted in the Clubhouse at any time.  If Clubhouse lockers are to be used, enter Locker Rooms directly from outside doors.
Boys and young ladies 12 and over are required to conform to the above rules.

If wearing improper attire, please refrain from entering the clubhouse at the front entrance.